Project History and Timeline

- June 8, 2015

o A public meeting was called for anyone interested in a project to build an all-weather football/soccer field, synthetic track, and upgrade the local senior baseball field. 

o Two committees were formed in order to move the project forward

 Site Evaluation and Recommendation Committee

 Business Plan Development Committee

- June/July 2015

o The Site Evaluation and Recommendation Committee, headed up by Craig Burgess (County of Colchester, Manager of Recreation Services), came up with 33 potential sites 

o The Committee used a modified version of an existing document created by a similar committee in BC, in order to rank potential sites.

 The evaluation document contained 34 different items, which were scored out of 5.

o Over a four week period, the Committee visited potential sites and scored each using the 34 item rubric. There were 10+ members at each visit, including representatives from the Senior Bearcats (baseball), Truro Minor Football, Truro Lions Track and Field, the CCRiders Soccer Club, the Town of Truro Recreation Department, and the Municipality of Colchester Recreation Department as well as other interested community members.

o Based on the evaluation, the Committee recommended that an all-weather football/soccer field surrounded by an 8 lane synthetic track be built at the TAAC Grounds while a brand new, senior-sized baseball field be constructed on town property on Argus Drive. 

- December 2015

o The newly named TAAC Revitalization Committee presented the project to the Town of Truro during an in-camera session.

 Members of the Truro Town Council gave approval of the project and gave permission to move forward with funding and grant applications. 

- January 2016

o The TAAC Revitalization Committee presented the project to the Municipality of Colchester during a Council Meeting

 Members of Council approved of the project 

- February – July 2016

o The TAAC Revitalization Committee continued to meet on a bi-monthly basis in order to look at funding opportunities and to plan the new facilities. 

- January 2017

o A Facebook page was created to promote the project and garner community interest

- March 2017

o The Committee publically announced that the senior baseball field would be moving to a new location, with the blessing of the President of the Truro Senior Bearcats Baseball Team. 

- May 2017

o Brian Wood took over as the project manager of the TAAC Revitalization Committee

- May – October 2017

o The Committee continued to meet regularly

 Orders of business included:

• The creation of a formal donation package explaining the need for the project and corporate and public sponsorship opportunities as well as in-kind donations. 

• The creation of a project website explaining the project in more detail as well as an option that would allow people to donate electronically

• The planning of an Open House that would allow the public to connect directly with the people involved in the project and find out about how they can become involved.