The Story


The History

Amateur sports of all kinds were extremely popular in Truro in the 1890’s. When the decision was made that Truro should have a playing field capable of accommodating all sports, a group of dedicated volunteers created the Truro Amateur Athletic Club. Led by grocer and one time mayor Richard Craig, the TAAC set about fundraising to create the premier sports facility in Nova Scotia. With the financial support of the community the TAAC purchased a rough field in the town’s west end. The success of the development soon saw Truro hosting major competitions in the sports of cricket, lacrosse, football, baseball, rugby, tennis, quoits, lawn bowling, and cycling. The track built at the TAAC grounds was first used for the popular bicycle races of the time before evolving into a major track and field venue.  

Over the Years

While bicycle racing faded as the premier spectator sport at the TAAC grounds, baseball was just picking up steam. The Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League routinely drew crowds of 1500 spectators to games at the TAAC Grounds. At a track meet in 1929 the most outstanding athletes from the Maritimes, Upper Canada and the Eastern United States competed with renowned Olympic Champion Dr. Phil Edwards. Over the next several decades the TAAC grounds hosted countless provincial and national sporting events, creating many elite and professional athletes and providing an enormous collection of fond memories for competitors of all ages.   With continued community support the TAAC grounds saw the addition of field lighting in the early 1990’s. This set the stage for many memorable “Friday Night Lights” football games, Sunday evening baseball games and track and field meets that could extend into the evening.   The TAAC grounds have supported the endeavors of athletes from elementary school through to high school and beyond. Senior baseball, soccer and track/field continue to attract athletes well into adulthood.


Current State

As sports facilities have evolved and improved throughout Nova Scotia, Truro has lost ground in its ability to meet current standards. In its current state soccer, lacrosse and rugby have moved to other locations. Baseball, football and track/field are all using substandard and non-regulation facilities. Truro can no longer host its own NSSAF district or regional track/field meets and must travel 60km to the nearest facility. Often, both the track and the field are rendered useless due to improper drainage. Truro Minor Football teams launch each new season with four away games in order to accommodate the end of baseball season to allow for the conversion from a ball diamond to a regulation football field. At all times ⅓ of the football field is comprised of the baseball dirt infield. The baseball dugouts sit dangerously close to the football end zone.   

The Goal

The goal of the TAAC Revitalization Project is to upgrade the facility to provide baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football and track/field with a quality regulation facility capable of hosting provincial and national championship events. By giving our athletes a quality facility for training and competition we support the active lifestyle of our community for years to come.    

The Opportunity

Become part of the solution: support active community living and a healthy lifestyle. This project will not succeed without the support of likeminded community advocates. The TAAC began 118 years ago based on the generous financial support of those who cared. Together let’s make next 100 years as great for our youth as our forefathers did for us.     ׄ

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